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Monday, September 24, 2012

New career by Lientebollemeis: Club Owner (requested)

As I do take requests, Jack Newall requested the career Club Owner.
This is a career for adults.
It's EP compatible and has its own GUID (no overwrite).
No EP required.

If you also have a request please go here: http://bit.ly/p9ymWC 


Career: http://sdrv.ms/OquINa

All information about the career SPOILER!

Requester jack newall
Career Title Club owner
Level 1
Title Club Advertiser
Description At the moment you’re a nobody. Your Boss doesn’t even know your name so you need to prove yourself. Long hours and low pay don’t justify this job. Just give out leaflets with a smile and you may make the club scene.
Wages 115
Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Workhours 07.00, 15.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool Hatchback
Level 2
Title Club Cleaner
Description Welcome to club life. Whilst everyone else drinks and mingles you just need to keep your mouth closed and clean up after them. Cleaning skills are essential here. Do well and you may never see a dish again.
Wages 150
Days Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 15.00, 23.00
Outfit Restaurant
Carpool Hatchback
Skills Cleaning 1
Level 3
Title Waiter
Description This job may still involve dishes but at least you’re not cleaning them. As a waiter you must keep smiling and know when and when not to speak. The pay may still be poor but you now get tips.
Wages 200
Days Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 15.00, 23.00
Outfit Restaurant
Carpool Hatchback
Skills cleaning 2
charisma 2
friends 1
Level 4
Title Bartender
Description Decent pay and decent hours come with this nice little job. This job plays a vital role in club life as a good Bartender can make or break an owner’s career. Your drinks need to taste nice and look nice so be creative. This job comes with a lot of respect.
Wages 300
Days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 16.00, 23.00
Outfit NPC - Bartender
Carpool Sedan
Skills charisma 3
cleaning 3
creativity 1
friends 2
Level 5
Title Entertainment scout  
Description You’re out of the club and you’re in the field now. You’re tasked with finding the best entertaining acts to perform at the club. Charisma is the key to persuading the acts agents to allow them to act cheaply in the club. No more late nights just early mornings.
Wages 400
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Workhours 07.00, 15.00
Outfit Cheap Suit
Carpool Town Car
Skills charisma 4
cleaning 3
creativity 3
friends 2
Level 6
Title Club contacts manager
Description This job is a lot harder than it sounds. You’re in charge of booking reservations for guests. It may not sound hard but you need to make sure good tippers and celebrities are put in front of your average Joe. Therefore you must prevent the parties clashing reservations, if so the club will be sent into madness. Your Boss knows your name and you are well respected by the employees. There is a lot of pressure.
Wages 450
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Workhours 09.00, 17.00
Outfit Cheap Suit
Carpool Sedan
Skills charisma 6
creativity 6
cleaning 4
friends 3
Level 7
Title Club Presenter
Description Now you’re back in the club but instead of all the hard grimy work you present the acts. This job is not that hard and so long as you have a lot of charisma the crowd will stay interested (even if half of them are drunk).
Wages 600
Days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 18.00, 23.00
Outfit Slick Suit
Carpool Sports Car - Low
Skills charisma 7
creativity 7
cleaning 5
friends 4
Level 8
Title Club Sercurity
Description Security in a club is a major problem. You must make sure no unwanted quests get in or any brawls break out inside the club. The Bouncers do as you say even if it’s not very professional. You also have the honours of escorting the unwanted out of the Club. This job is Not very hard considering the wage.
Wages 750
Days Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 18.00, 23.00
Outfit Slick Suit
Carpool Sports Car - Mid
Skills charisma 8
creativity 8
cleaning 7
friends 5
Level 9
Title Club Admin
Description Once again you have been taken out of the bottom floor and instead been put upstairs in your own office. You are now in charge of the money earned by the club. You need to make sure that the Staff gets paid, the acts get paid and you need money to help the club keep running. If you can do this job you will have proven you can run your own club.
Wages 1000
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Workhours 10.00, 15.00
Outfit Power Suit
Carpool Sedan
Skills charisma 9
creativity 9
cleaning 8
friends 5
Level 10
Title club owner
Description No more will you be told what to do, clean dishes or spending long hours working. This is your club and you do what you want. Use your imagination and go wild. Theme your club however you want and charge what you want to. You’re brushing shoulders with the biggest names in Hollywood, the Countries best known politicians and the most respected members of the Mafia. There’s not much better than this. There is also a very big pay check at the end of the day. You are top of the roost now. 
Wages 2500
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 20.00, 23.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool Sports Car - Super
Skills charisma 10
creativity 10
cleaning 9
friends 6

SimPE, the requester (see above), http://bit/ly/qFDuaf
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Great idea! Thanks for creating it.