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Monday, October 29, 2012

New career by Lientebollemeis: Drama (requested)

As I do take requests, rachelramus requested the career Drama.
This is a career for adults.
It's EP compatible and has its own GUID (no overwrite).
No EP required.

If you also have a request please go here: http://bit.ly/p9ymWC 


Career: http://sdrv.ms/MpxIqG

All information about the career SPOILER!

Requester rachelramus
Career Title Drama
Careerreward Tele-Prompter
Level 1
Title Janitor
Description As a Janitor you have to keep the theatre in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish. Duties may include tending furnace and boiler, performing routine maintenance activities, notifying management of need for repairs, and sometimes, cleaning the sick from the audience after a bad show. You need a good cleaning skill and mechanical skill for this job. 
Wages 150
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Workhours 12.00, 22.00
Outfit Scrubs
Carpool Hatchback
Level 2
Title Stage Management
Description Stage managers are the essential link between all the different branches of a theatre company. Their role is to manage rehearsals, the actors, directors, designers, props and costume fittings, as well as managing the performances on stage and liaising with the box office and front-of-house staff. Great communication and diplomacy skills are essential, as are organisation, stamina and the ability to see your way through a crisis.
Wages 300
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Workhours 07.00, 17.00
Outfit Leather Jacket
Carpool Hatchback
Skills Cooking - 1
Mechanical - 1
Creativity - 1
Cleaning - 1
Friends - 1
Level 3
Title Lighting and Sound
Description A career in stage electrics offers a large variety of job opportunities in a wide range of media: follow-spotting the big star in a West End musical; firing the pyrotechnics in a rock concert; operating the computerised lighting board for a piece of modern dance; rigging the lighting for a conference, pop concert or ice-show; designing the lighting for A Midsummer Night's Dream or a new TV sitcom; co-coordinating the equipment and technical crew for a multi-national trade launch; or running the sound desk for The Rocky Horror Show or Death of a Salesman. The work is a challenging combination of technical knowledge and artistic creativity, offering great job satisfaction and the chance to make a very real contribution to theatre and television. Plus, you don't have to work ALL week!
Wages 400
Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Workhours 15.00, 23.00
Outfit Gas Station
Carpool Sports Car - Low
Skills Cooking - 2
Mechanical - 2
Creativity - 2
Cleaning - 2
Friends - 2
Level 4
Title Scenic Construction 
Description Scenic construction graduates work happily with timber and metal; they make sets for stage, video and television productions and can find themselves running their own scenic construction workshops. Any training in this area involves working with stage machinery, from basic hemp and counterweight flying to construction techniques for a variety of media. Master carpenters are often the most valued people in the theatre - they know what is safe and what is not, they know what won't work in terms of staging and they can translate the designer's model box into the real thing. The only downside is you have to go to work early, so you can construct all the scenes for the day.
Wages 500
Days Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Workhours 05.00, 12.00
Outfit New Gardener Outfit
Carpool Sports Car - Low
Skills Cooking - 3
Mechanical - 3
Creativity - 3
Cleaning - 3
Friends - 3
Level 5
Title Scenic Artist
Description If you like the idea of reproducing the Mona Lisa's hands twenty feet high in every detail, making giant inflatables for a rock concert, or making a backcloth so full of glitter and sequins that it steals the show, then this could be the career for you. All these and much more form part of the life of a scenic artist or design assistant. Your employment will mainly be freelance, although some theatres, TV companies and scenic workshops employ full-time scenic artists. A course in scenic design will teach you techniques such as marbling, ragging, wood-graining and texturing, as well as teaching you to organise your materials, your budget and your time.
Wages 500
Days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 03.00, 13.00
Outfit Sweatsuit
Carpool Sports Car - Low
Skills Cooking - 4
Mechanical - 4
Charisma - 1
Creativity - 4
Cleaning - 4
Friends - 5
Level 6
Title Prop Maker
Description Prop making requires skills and background knowledge in research, sculpting, casting, moulding and period reproduction, which when combined with your creativity and initiative means you will be able to tackle the reproduction of anything from a Grecian statue to the Crown Jewels. Prop-making courses provide a comprehensive training in the use of a multitude of materials and techniques, such as fibre glassing, casting, modelling, upholstery and furniture making. 
Wages 750
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Workhours 12.00, 21.00
Outfit Lab Coat 1
Carpool Sports Car - Mid
Skills Cooking - 5
Mechanical - 5
Charisma - 2
Creativity - 5
Cleaning - 5
Friends - 6
Level 7
Title Wardrobe Manager
Description A wardrobe manager supervises the making, buying, hiring and maintenance of costumes, accessories and wigs. They also control the budget for these items. In a large venue, the wardrobe team might be 50 strong; in provincial theatre, the team may consist of the manager and one or two assistants. Wardrobe managers normally have a design background and/or excellent tailoring skills, as well as good knowledge of period dress. Typical work activities include: working closely with the costume designer, ensuring costumes are maintained throughout the performance, arranging the proper storage of costumes when a production has finished, liaising with designers to decide on fabrics and styles, deciding which costumes will be made and which will be hired or bought purchasing fabric, arranging costume fittings, delegating tasks to other members of the wardrobe team, undertaking practical tailoring work, sourcing other costumes and accessories, keeping records of the designs and samples of materials for use in revivals or other productions.
Wages 950
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Workhours 09.00, 19.00
Outfit Cheap Suit
Carpool Sports Team Bus
Skills Cooking - 6
Mechanical - 6
Charisma - 3
Creativity - 6
Logic - 1
Cleaning - 6
Friends - 7
Level 8
Title Director
Description Directors take overall responsibility for the look, sound and style of a film. Their job usually starts once they receive the script, although in the case of some feature films the director may also be the scriptwriter. It is the director's artistic vision that will guide the work of the film crew as they search for suitable locations, hire the cast, design the sets and lighting, and finally edit and dub the finished recording.
Wages 1500
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Workhours 13.00, 23.00
Outfit Power Suit
Carpool Sedan
Skills Cooking - 8
Mechanical - 7
Charisma - 5
Creativity - 8
Logic - 3
Cleaning - 7
Friends - 8
Level 9
Title Playwright/Script Writer
Description A Playwright/Script Writer writes original plays, such as tragedies, comedies, or dramas, or adapts themes from fictional, historical, or narrative sources, for dramatic presentation, plays usually involving action, conflict, purpose, and resolution, to depict series of events from imaginary or real life. You write dialogues and describe action to be followed during enactment of play. Revises script during rehearsals and preparation for initial showing.
Wages 2400
Days Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Workhours 09.00, 19.00
Outfit Tweed Jacket
Carpool Town Car
Skills Cooking - 9
Mechanical - 9
Charisma - 7
Creativity - 9
Logic - 5
Cleaning - 8
Friends - 10
Level 10
Title Star of the Show
Description As the Star of the show, you have the main roles in dramatic production to interpret character or present characterization to audience. You, rehearse part to learn lines and cues as directed. You interpret serious or comic role by speech, gesture, and body movement to entertain or inform audience for stage, motion picture, television, radio, or other media production. And you may, write or adapt own material, and direct self and others in production.
Wages 5000
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Workhours 13.00, 23.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool Limo
Skills Cooking - 10
Mechanical - 10
Charisma - 10
Creativity - 10
Logic - 7
Cleaning - 10
Friends - 11

SimPE, the requester (see above), http://bit/ly/qFDuaf
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