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Monday, November 26, 2012

New career by Lientebollemeis: Firefly (requested)

As I do take requests, oleander25 requested the career Firefly.
This is a career for adults.
It's EP compatible and has its own GUID (no overwrite).
No EP required.

If you also have a request please go here: http://bit.ly/p9ymWC 


Career: http://sdrv.ms/McnAGa

All information about the career SPOILER!

Requester oleander25
Career Title Firefly-Serenity Career
Careerreward Punching Bag
Level 1
Title Passenger lvl 1
Description The planet Persephone, one of the biggest planets in Alliance territory, is a port for all persons who need a ride to another planet, outer planet or a moon. It's time to spot a well-crafted transport ship and pay for passage.  You are now a passenger a Firefly transport ship. This ship, Serenity, has a crew of pirates. Your job is to keep to yourself, do what the Captain and Crew tell you to do, stay in your cabin and do not wander around. Someone will come get you for meals, and if you need something in the cargo bay, ask for assistance. We'll be docking in due time, provided we stay on course.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds welcomes you aboard Serenity.
Wages 100
Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Workhours 12.00, 17.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Level 2
Title Crew Member lvl 2
Description Something about Serenity just stuck with you, or perhaps you got stuck on it. You have been promoted to Crew Member. You have now been allowed to contribute your menial skills to our operation. Perhaps you've got a useful skill that would be of use? We're thieves, pirates if you will, and you've just made rank. A pay raise will be awarded, but we expect you to pull your weight and maintain your fair share of work. You've been added to the rotation of our various jobs: cook, look-out, watchmen, janitor, engine assistant and whatever else you can do. 
Wages 200
Days Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 08.00, 14.00
Outfit Low Rank
Carpool CaptainHeroFlyaway
Skills Cooking: Level 3
Mechanical: Level 1
Cleaning: Level 1
Level 3
Title Seer lvl 3
Description Having had your brain worked on after being found out as above genius level, you are now completely crazy. Useful, but crazy. Congratulations, you get headaches, nosebleeds, prolific visions, have awesome kick-ass powers and the ability to shoot a moving target blindfolded.
Captain Reynolds pays you for your excellent combat skills and your abilities: to see the future and to be able to tell truth from lies. You are valuable to the crew and as such get a raise. Because the crew is terrified of you, you no longer have rotation duties.
Wages 400
Days Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 18.00, 23.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Body: Level 3
Charisma: Level 2
Creativity: Level 3
Logic: Level 3
Level 4
Title Ship's Doctor lvl 4
Description Having needed a ride to an outer planet, you paid for passage for you and your sister/brother on Serenity. After finding out you have medical skills, the Captain gave you the position of Ship's Doctor. Welcome and Congratulations. You have a permanent position on a pirate space ship and the on-going duty of treating both its passengers and crew for any ailments, injuries or health issues that may arise. You will also solve or aid their psychological problems from time to time. You have a cooking rotation, but the lab and sick bay is where you belong.
Wages 700
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Workhours 09.00, 17.00
Outfit Mad Lab
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Mechanical: Level 3
Body: Level 4
Creativity: Level 4
Logic: Level 4
Cleaning: Level 4

Level 5
Title Ship's Mechanic lvl 5
Description A fascination and affinity for all things machine is the key to this job, and you have it. Completely besotted with anything that has an engine, you have excellent mechanical skills that are now being put to use. Congratulations. A pay raise is in order, and you are truly a part of the crew. You have a cooking and janitorial rotation, but the engine room is really your domain.
Wages 800
Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Workhours 13.00, 19.00
Outfit Gas Station
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Mechanical: Level 5
Body: Level 5
Creativity: Level 5
Logic: Level 5
Cleaning: Level 4
Friends: 2
Level 6
Title Gunman lvl 6
Description Guns are your favorite thing in the whole galaxy. You have one named Vera that you are a little inappropriate with. Because you're so awesome at shooting people and gun combat, not to mention your hand-to-hand skills, you've been made gunman. Congratulations. You go out whenever there is a job - since we're pirates that generally means stealing. You also have a cooking, cleaning and watchman rotation. We're sure you can handle anything.
Wages 1000
Days Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 17.00, 23.00
Outfit Fatigues
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Cooking: Level 4
Mechanical: Level 6
Body: Level 6
Charisma: Level 6
Creativity: Level 6
Cleaning: Level 6
Level 7
Title Companion lvl 7
Description Trained at the Alliance Academy of Arts, you have many skills. Martial arts and fencing are just a few. Others to name: extremely well educated, can converse in seven languages and arts of a sexual nature, both vanilla and kink. You are a Companion, and as such you bring a touch of sophistication and legitimacy to this pirate space ship. You have a shuttle pod as your chambers and see clients both on and off ship. We're lucky to have you. You pilot and clean your shuttle and are on cooking rotation as well.
Wages 1000
Days Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 17.00, 23.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Cooking: Level 6
Body: Level 7
Charisma: Level 7
Creativity: Level 7
Logic: Level 7
Cleaning: Level 7

Friends: 3
Level 8
Title Serenity Pilot lvl 8
Description One man's (or woman's) heap is another man's (or woman's) treasure. Your treasure is the Firefly transport ship Serenity. Congratulations, you've been made Pilot. You love to fly planes and ships of all kinds and are extremely good at dangerous maneuvers.  You have no rotations because when you are not flying the plane you deserve down time. You are also in charge of routine flight maintenance, but you enjoy it.
Wages 1200
Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Workhours 08.00, 16.00
Outfit Super Chef
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Cooking: Level 7
Mechanical: Level 8
Body: Level 8
Charisma: Level 8
Creativity: Level 8
Logic: Level 8
Cleaning: Level 8

Friends: 4
Level 9
Title 2nd In Command lvl 9
Description Captain Reynolds is your best friend and you fought in the war. The Brown Coats lost, but you are still a Brown Coats at heart. You have extremely honed skills so he appointed you 2nd In Command. You take a flight shift, a gunman shift, a cooking shift and are in charge of the ship whenever the captain is away or unavailable. The crew looks up to you. 
Wages 1400
Days Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 01.00, 08.00
Outfit Swat
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Cooking: Level 8
Mechanical: Level 9
Body: Level 9
Charisma: Level 9
Creativity: Level 9
Logic: Level 9
Cleaning: Level 9

Friends: 5
Level 10
Title Captain lvl 10
Description As Captain of the Firefly Serenity, you are in charge of the crew and passengers. Unfortunately, you don't make more money than anyone else. You pay everyone else, eat well, get to fly the ship, wear and use a gun (or 2, or 3), get to kick ass on a regular basis and you set up all the jobs (the stealing). You have no rotations other than flying the ship when the pilot or your 2nd In Command cannot. You were a Brown Coat and will always be one. On Unification Day you go looking for a fight. Your crew is loyal to you, and you are loyal to them. You're the Captain now, so start acting like it.
Wages 4138
Days Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Workhours 12.00, 19.00
Outfit Everyday Outfit
Carpool CaptHeroFlyaway
Skills Cooking: Level 9
Mechanical: Level 10
Body: Level 10
Charisma: Level 10
Creativity: Level 10
Cleaning: Level 9

Friends: 6

SimPE, the requester (see above), http://bit/ly/qFDuaf

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