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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sims 2 - The Not So Trashy Trailer

This was something I made a very long time ago for simsafe2 and tnws.org (both now gone) but it had a few issues back then, like not being able to have a good double bed in the bedroom unless you took out and redid the whole wall system, having way too many flowers to keep up with that were too much for a sim or a gardener and would turn dead, and not having enough counter space to cook with. also the mini fridge was something that bugged me because it doesn't include all the food therefore it doesn't include all the custom food some of the missing food was cloned from. Well I fixed it up for upload, and did a few minor changes, and I think you will like it! I had to do extensive testing on it after I had it built, because I like to move a family in then use move_objects on to delete them before turning the lights on to take pics, well come to find out I forgot to package the lot first before I did that. So what I did was very quickly rushed a sim through University with game mods and let them graduate (as some of you know University lots keep all the furniture, and actually lights turned on still, after a Young Adult sim decides to move back to the main neighborhood) So the whole time this college student was on the lot, I had her free will turned off then changed lot zoning back to residential and exported. Anyway, long story even longer, I have fully tested this lot as well as having play tested it for many years (you may recognize it from my pictures in my food uploads). Requires all EPs except Seasons requires Kitchen and Bath, Ikea, Mansion and Garden SPs. Price is 32,520. All custom content created by me. Fully furnished. File compressed with the lot compressor by Mootilda. Finally the link is fixed  now. Enjoy!

The Custom Content:

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