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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Sims 2 - Bump Map for Base Game Club Door 1

Since I learned how to make bump maps, I decided to make a subtle bump map for my favorite door. This is a default replacement to the door. Thankfully, there is no CC star that you see in some default replacement objects because this was not made in Object Workshop. As you can see with this bump mapped door, there are areas of shading and highlights that were not visible before. Bump maps cannot be seen by everyone. Only if you have a good enough graphics card will they be visible to you. This bump map also works on the Maxis recolors of this door. This will not work with custom recolors of this door. Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - 70's, 80's, 90's Stuff Industrial Plant UnPotted

I noticed the other day while playing I had this plant I made a while back, and I thought hey this would look neat UnPotted. So I decided to do that, and I thought it would look even nicer with a bump map added so I added one, which is really something new I learned. Before, I never had a computer that could handle bump maps so I never was able to test them. Now, with better graphics, I can see that I was going about it all wrong, and that something else extra needed to be done. So I skimmed back over Pixelhate's TXMT tutorial and found all the answers I needed. This is found under bushes and costs 25 simoleons. This is just a decorative bush, it won't become overgrown if sims don't tend to it, and sims cannot garden it. Also as a result unfortunatley, plantsims cannot talk to it. I had to do it this way, because none of the base game bushes that I could find were recolorable or designable in game even with CEP, and I'm no expert on CEP add-ons. Included are the mesh and 2 recolors to match my previous set. Enjoy!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sims 2 - Tall Sized Family Fun Drawer Dresser - FFS Required

I never was particularly fond of the Family Fun stuff pack items. The only things I really like in it are the decor items, but I do happen to like the small version of this dresser, and thought it needed a taller version as well. There is already a tall amoire in Family Fun, but it uses different textures and a mesh, and I personally prefer these tall drawers to the amoire. This is slaved to the Family Fun dresser so Family Fun Stuff Pack is required for the textures to be visible. It's not recolorable, you should recolor the origingal Family Fun dresser if you want any recolors to be visible in mine. There is a slot on top for placing whatever you desire that will fit on dressers. Enjoy!



Using The Dresser

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sims 2 - Indipendent Expressions Privacy Window

This is a privacy window based off of Maxis' Indipendent Expressions full shop window. It's slaved to Maxis, and a diagonal mesh is included which is also slaved. Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - Stone Hearth Fireplace

A simple stone hearth fireplace cloned from Numenor's 2 tile no chimney fireplace. Since it is cloned from that one, it can be placed in the downloads folder without use of The Scriptorium. Cost is 499 simoleons found in appliances/misc. Enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Sims 2 - Decorative Turtles - Mesh Plus Recolors

Firstly, I'd like to give credit for this model and the textures. The original model and textures can be found here. The things I have changed about this model were to signficantly lower the poly count, significantly lower the size, and remap (which before you say pssh, easy, no it's not, the remapping was difficult because there were 23 groups in the original all overlaping each other). Also credit to Michelle for taking time to take the screenshots for me, I really do appreciate that. These turtles are found in decorative/misc. and cost 0 simoloens. Enjoy!



I Made An Albino One Just For Kicks & Giggles

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sims 2 - Bamboo NL Garage Door Recolor

Just one recolor of the Nightlife garage door in bamboo. I might do more recolors soon, it clutters things up I know, but hey, it's my frelling blog! (remember Farscape). Nightlife is required as well as the CEP. Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - 80's Recolors Of My Hidden Lamp

Well, since I already did 70's, and 90's recolors of this lamp, I decided the next logical course of action would be to do some 1980's recolors (even if they kind of happened to appear in no logical ordering). I did do some living in the 80's just too young for living it up (I was only 8 in 1989). I also regretfully don't remember any of the fashions that well, most of what I absorbed during this time was from TV and movies such as Small Wonder, The Cosby Show, E.T. and various screwball comedies. These lamps REQUIRE my mesh found here. The mesh isn't included, so be sure to go there, and get it if you don't already have it. Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - 5 Funky 70's Recolors of my Hidden Ikea Lamp

I never was alive in the 70's, but I wish I would have been there. I enjoy watching old shows like The Brady Bunch, and Good Times and checking out their out of date clothes and hair. These lamps remind me of something you'd see on a show like that. Included are 5 retro recolors with descriptive file names.You NEED the mesh found here if you don't have it already, because it's not included. Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - 10 Punk 90's Recolors of My Unlocked Lamps

The 90's was quite a fun time for me I was in middle and high school, and really got into all they had to offer as far as fashions and TV programs and movies and such. This upload is kind of  for me to relive the glory days of my youth. These lamps look like the type that one would have bought in Spencer's back then and probably still today. Maybe not everyone has Spencer's stores where you are and I'm not sure they might have gone out of business, but they had all kinds of freaky lamps from what I remember of them. (and other stuff too, like jewlery and just all kinds of novelties). Comes in 10 easy to follow color named packages based on hue. I do plan on doing more sets of recolors of this particular lamp so keep your eyes peeled. These are recolored from the newly mapped lamps. They may look odd with the old mapping if you downloaded that version. You also NEED the mesh here because it's not included.  Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - Crimson & Clover - Community Lot for Weddings

This lot is somewhat loosely based off of the lot my brother got married on. It's just strictly based from memory and it was in fall of 2009, so it's been quite a while. I do remember the male groom quarters being a lot less eloquent than the bridal part of the lot (of course I never went up in the bridal chambers myself, but there were pictures, though I was in the downstairs area).
This lot has an area for sims to get married, with chairs set up along the path to the wedding trellis, an area for dining with a buffet table, wedding cake, and juice toasting set as well as dining chairs and tables, and of course the bridal chambers for the bride and maids of honor, and the groom's changing room for the groom and groomsmen. There is also a lower common area for the guests of the wedding party in the bridal chambers.
This lot has no CC, but does require several EPs and SPs. Here they are: EPs - University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Pets, Freetime, Apartment Life. SPs - Celebration Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, Kitchen and Bath Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, Ikea Home Stuff, and Mansion and Garden Stuff. Enjoy!
Wedding Area
Dining Area
Parlour Under The Bridal Chambers
Bridal Chamber
Groom's Quarters
When Sims Get Married, You Can Expect a Cinematic Like This


Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Sims 2 - Fitted Colonial Curtains

This is cloned from my fitted blinds and acts like fitted blinds (one mesh fits IN any window), except it can be placed in diagonal windows as well. You will need both the horizontal mesh and the diagonal mesh for it to function. It looks best in one tile windows, and looks odd on some windows. In some windows, the panes are hidden, in others they are there. You will have to align the mesh up facing the right way in the diagonal window. For a view from the outside, you have to add a separate curtain for the outside.  Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - One Tile Teen Surfer Desk (TSS Required)

This is a one tile version of the Teen Style Stuff surfer desk. It is slaved to the Maxis Teen Style Stuff surfer desk, so Teen Style Stuff is required. It also functions as a dining table, a sim can eat at it as well as do homework, assignments, and play computer. It's not found in dining tables in the catalog, only desks. Enjoy!

The Sims 2 - Maxis Lost and Found Ikea SKIMRA Lamp

I had wanted to share an unlocked object here for so long, and now I finally can. I also couldn't find this particular thing anywhere else (though it's possible it's somewhere). This is probably because the texture to the shade had to be re-done since it was all off. I don't know what was up with that, maybe that's why it was hidden. Even though the base only comes in one color, this is because the hidden Ikea base only came in one color. The base is a separate recolorable subset. Ikea Home Stuff is not required. Enjoy!



The Sims 3 - Ikea Preorder TV for The Sims 3 (Remade)

Since the previous link was broken, here is again the Sims 2 Ikea pre-order TV for The Sims 3. The TV has 3 channels, and 3 default color/pattern choices shown below. Enjoy!

Download Here

Link Fixed
December 6, 2017

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Sims 2 - NH Decor Buddhas

This was requested on two separate occasions by two different people here, and though it's not something I'd personally be interested in, I thought those two and others would like it. Found under landmark. Credit to INRI Meshes Research Database for the models. Enjoy!