Welcome, my name is TheNinthWave and this is my site. Since 2011 I have continually provided free downloads for the Sims series of games, with the help of guest creators Michelle and Lientebollemeis. Thank you to the community for your continued support.You may also like to take a look at my Tumblr, TheNinthWaveSims (In Case You Missed It), for links to my older uploads. We DO NOT convert custom content made by other creators, only the Sims games.


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

TheNinthWave's Policy

You may do anything you like with any of my creations and share them on any site. There is one condition to this. Do not upload the exact same thing for the exact same game, that is stealing. Other than that, you may convert for Sims 2 and 3, recolor, modify, include with lots or sims, clone, or whatever to your heart's content. These terms of use apply to TheNinthWave only and not the other creators on this site. These terms of use also apply to any of my creations on any other site as TheNinthWave or joninmobile on modthesims.info. I'd like to add that I do not make custom conversions. Only EA. You can request them, but those requests will not be fulfilled.


Sugah said...

I would like very much for Sugah's Place to become affiliated with TheNinthWaveSims. Please contact me at Sugah's Place. You know I love your unique creations and would be honored to be affiliates.

Most Sincerely,

Miss Applepie said...

Dear Jon I don't know how to get contact to you so I use this comment form.I always visit your site to watch the news and so I know you convert a lot of sims3objects to sims2.Do you take requests? Could you convert cars too? There is an Opel Insignia for Sims 3, and somebody in a german simscommunity wants sooo urgently this car for Sims2 but his english is as bad as mine and so he asked me to make a request to you -- here it is. Look,this is the car --< http://www.freshprincecreations.com/Opel/Screenshot-85.jpg

do you think you would like to convert this?

thank you very much in advance!

Miss A.

TheNinthWave said...

Miss A,

I'm sorry but I don't know how to create cars at all. Maybe ask someone who has created a Sims 3 to Sims 2 car conversion before, I'm sure they can help you. FreshPrince knows how to make Sims 2 and Sims 3 cars, but as far as I know he only creates for The Sims 3 now, though you can try to contact him somehow and see.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to download the castle wall patterns, but the link is broken. I love your stuff.

TheNinthWave said...

If you give me a link to the download I can fix it.

Anonymous said...

Hi TheNinthWave, I recently converted the Once Upon a Time hair to TS2, only to find out that you had done the same. Our animations are slightly different and I am planning on doing an all ages version.

Basically, I would like to release the hair but I don't want to step on your toes. It's not nice to just blatantly release meshes when there is a perfectly good mesh about. You can see the differences at my blog here:

I would appreciate hearing from you! I can easily add new ages to your mesh, as all I prefer all ages, or I can go with my own. I would like to hear back from you and see your thinking on all this.

Thank you,

TheNinthWave said...

Jessy, do what you will. I don't hold claim to EA meshes/textures in any way shape or form. So really conversions aren't something I can take credit for and no one should have a policy regarding them in my opinion since the meshes and textures actually really honestly belong to EA (unless it's Pooklet, but still the mesh is EA's).

Anonymous said...

I see! Thank you for your thoughts, TheNinthWave. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Geisha hair conversation link is dead, please replace :)


Johanna said...

Hello. I love your creations, especially the conversions. Amazing work. I was wondering if you might be interested doing a vanity table conversion from Sims 2 to Sims 3. I've been asking around and nobody seems to be interested or capable of doing it. It's the one in here:


The original creator hasn't answered to me and she doesn't seem to be much around these days. I wish I could do it myself but it's just way beyond my abilities. I do understand if this is something you're not interested.

TheNinthWave said...

No, I'm sorry as I've said before, I don't do custom conversions.

Analogica21 said...

hi , I made some sims 4 conversion of your content for my personal use but now i upload this conversion for the everybody enjoy them. I upload the link of your page but i'm not sure what is the correct link.
And Thank you so much for your beatyfull creations

TheNinthWave said...

Thank you for making the conversion. I really like that! I wish more people would make Sims 4 conversions of my things.

FrauHupfner said...

I love your conversions for TS2. Are you planing in making some more TS4 to TS2 hair (esp. some more for male)?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your content and I was wondering if you would make the cast of Gilligan's Island and the Brady Bunch for the Sims 2 please!

Ankoyume said...

Hello !
I'm doing a project about TS2 Accessory mug. It's a mod in order to have recolors for it instead of one default.

I've used your default recs instead of only doing new ones because I love them. However as it's not name specific, I can't repository and so I can't use them if I don't replace them completely. Would you mind if I use your textures while I credit you in the post of the upload ? I will put a link too but your textures won't be required.

I know you've said no related project in your TOU. It seems to me that it's something else but it is quite related... So I won't include your textures if you don't tell me I can.

You can find me at MTS2 : https://modthesims.info/m/8337717


TheNinthWave said...

Ankoyume, actually my TOU is very clear that you can use my creations and share them however you like, short of stealing. So feel free, hun.

Ankoyume said...

ok, thanks for the answer.