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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Sims 2 - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, also known by her maiden name Hillary Rodham or Hillary Rodham Clinton was the First Lady of The United States of America in the 1990's along side her husband former President William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton. They raised their daughter Chelsea Clinton while in office. After Bill Clinton's two terms in office, Hillary remained active in politics, and became a Senator. She even ran for President in the year 2008. In 2009, President Barrack Obama instated her as Secretary of State. She currently serves as Secretary of State under President Barrack Obama.

About the sim: She is packaged as an adult. Good traits to have for her would be - Aspiration: Popularity, Turn Ons: Grey Hair, Hard Worker; Turn Off: Unemployed. Seasons is required for the hair (alternative, use clean installer to remove EP content).

The custom content: Eyes by @Stefan at MTS, skintone by Aloha Kay at Affinitysims, nose mask and lip mask by Rensims at MTS; facemask, binned hair recolor (blonde), and lipstick by me. Enjoy!

Download Here

Link Fixed
January 5, 2016


Friday, May 18, 2012

The Sims 2 - Seasons Match Dresser (Seasons Required)

This is a match to the Seasons bedroom set. The dresser is one tile, based off the Seasons end table. The dresser is repository linked to the Seasons end table, the drawer is repository linked to the Seasons two tile dresser. Seasons is required because they are repository linked from Seasons items. There is one slot on top for placing whatever you like that fits on dressers normally. It's not recolorable, you will have to recolor both the Seasons two tile short dresser and the Seasons end table for recolors to show up in this. Any recolors of the Seasons two tile short dresser or Seasons end table you have in your downloads folder will show up in this as well. Enjoy!


Repository Linked With Slot

Download Here

Link Fixed
September 7, 2015

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New FAQ: Change last name

Situation 1: When a sim is pregnant and has a baby before she is married, the baby will have the last name of the mother. When the mother and father get married after the baby was born, the baby still has the last name of the mother. So you want to change the last name of the baby.

Situatie 2: If you want a Family Tree with the last name like this e.g.: Landgraab I, Landgraab II, Landgraab III,... This is only possible if you change the last name of the next heir.

The Sims Blender

You need EP Pets to play!

Site http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php/topic,20.0.html
Download The Sims Blender here: http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php/topic,20.0.html 

How to: 
Go to Buy Mode -> Miscelaneous -> Miscelaneous
Buy the tree named The Sims Blender. 
Press the tree and choose More... -> Names... 
Choose Change Someones First name. 
Choose the sim whose name you'd like to change (remember the first name).
Type the last name you want.
Press the tree again and choose More... -> Names.
Choose Copy a First Name to Last Name.
Choose the sim again whose name you'd like to change.
Change the first name again.
Your sim's last name has been changed!

The Sims 2 - Hipster In Metal Barstools # 2 (NL Required)

Maxis gave us some kind of matching barstools to the hipster in metal dining chair, but they didn't look exactly like the original dining chair, and I wanted to have some to match so I made some. I repository linked these to Maxis, and added five recolors of the original Maxis dining chair as well. The barstools are not recolorable, you will have to recolor the original dining chair in order for it to show up in this, also any custom recolors you have of the Hipster in Metal dining chairs you have in your downloads folder will show up in my barstools. Nightlife is required because that is the EP where the dining chairs come from. Enjoy!

Original Maxis Dining Chairs

My Dining Chair Recolors

My Barstool

My Barstool Pulls My Recolors

Download Here

Link Fixed
September 7, 2015

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sims 2 - Apple Pie (OFB Required)

Nothing is as American as apple pie. Now your sims can enjoy this classic recipe. I hope you enjoy as well. Open for Business is required as well as the same amount of cooking skill as needed for berry pie from which it was cloned. Found in your sim's fridge under serve dessert.../Apple Pie. Enjoy!




On The Plate

Download Here

Link Fixed
December 7, 2015


The Sims 2 - Antique Walton Radio

Here's another antique radio. This is an old Walton style radio. Updated to fix the link. Enjoy!

Download Here

Link Fixed
January 5, 2016


The Sims 2 - Plumber Career for Teens/Elders

This is a career I found in my archives on zoomshare from many years ago, and I didn't even know I created it. Since it's an older career of mine, it doesn't go into very much detail in the job descriptions and chance cards, but it's short, sweet, and to the point. I fixed it up a bit to make the chance cards show the sim's name who was in the career instead of 1st person, and fixed the title from "athletic" to plumber. All 3 chance cards are written up for this one. The upgrade from the teen version is to "slacker". So when your teen turns to an adult, they will get along further in the slacker career if they reach to level 3 in this one. This career like all of my careers has it's own unique GUID, so it won't overwrite any custom or Maxis careers. Here's a run-down of the job titles and descriptions:

Drain Cleaner

Its time to get down and dirty cleaning out whatever won’t flush away.

Pipe Distributor

You get the pipes from the factory and distribute them to the job sites of your work mates.

Apprentice Plumber

You have taken your apprenticeship and are now learning the basics of the trade.

Chance Card Question Example


Download Here

Link Fixed
January 5, 2016


The Sims 2 - TSM Earrings for TS2

These are The Sims Medieval earrings for The Sims 2. For Young Adult, Adult, and Elder females only. They are wearable in all clothing categories except for "outerwear". Enjoy!

Download Here

Link Fixed
January 5, 2016


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Sims 2 - Evil Mayor Regina Mills

This is a sim of the evil mayor of Storybrook, Maine Regina Mills from the ABC drama "Once Upon a Time". Regina was once an evil queen in a magical land, until she put all of the land under a powerful curse which brought them (and her) to our world. She spends most of her time now trying to keep her adopted son Henry's birth mother Emma Swan away from him and ruining Mary Margaret Blanchard (aka Snow White). Open for Business is required for the hair, unless you use Clean Installer to remove EP content. Enjoy!

Download Here

Link Fixed
December 6, 2015


Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Sims 2 - Generations Glasses for Children + Recolors

These are The Sims 3 Generations glasses for The Sims 2. Included are the mesh and 6 recolors. They are wearable by child females only. Pics taken in CAS screen, so in game they will look a lot less light. Enjoy!

Download Here

Link Fixed
October 7, 2015


The Sims 2 - WA French Outdoor Light for The Sims 2

This is The Sims 3 World Adventures French outdoor lighting for The Sims 2. Included are the mesh and 3 recolors. Found in lighting/misc. You can download the build mode flowers in the picture here. Enjoy!



The Sims 2 - Variations On A Braid

This was originally requested by FracturedMoonlight in the requests area of Plumb Bob Keep. It's some mesh edits to rosesims hairpiece braids. Frac actually took time out to make the actual meshes, I fixed the joints up and imported into bodyshop as accessory and recolored with the pooklet textures she provided me from Bunheadbuns. Sorry, I don't have a link to the original rosesims mesh, I couldn't find it anywhere. The ages/genders currently it is available for is for young adult to elder males and females only. This has 3 groups when most accessories have 2, so I wasn't sure what to clone from exactly to make it for other age groups. All of the textures shown work on the ages I mentioned and both genders. Found in "glasses" so you can use it with any hair you want! The variations are as follows: Double Top braids, Double Bottom braids, Single Right bottom braids, Single Left bottom braids. I didn't show all the choices on the female braids because they are the same textures as the male braids. Enjoy!



Download Here

Link Fixed
October 29, 2015


Friday, May 11, 2012

The Sims 2 - Mother's Day Dresses for All Ages CS Required

These dresses are based on some I made a very long time ago, but couldn't find them anywhere online, so I decided to remake them. They come in 6 colors available for toddlers to elders. The elder hair is found here and the adult hair is found here the child hair is found here. The rest of the content is Maxis except for the skintone and I don't know where I got that from. Celebrations Stuff is Required. Enjoy!


Adult/Young Adult




Download Here

Link Fixed
January 5, 2015


Thursday, May 10, 2012

New postcards (2) by Lientebollemeis: It's a boy/girl (requested)

These are 2 New Birth cards for your sims to send to anyone they know in the neighbourhood. The receiver will get a small boost to the relationship with the sender when the recipient looks at the card.
These were requested by KatlynnMcCain

You will need the postalsystem of MogHughson which you can find here. That thread also contains all information about how to use these cards. You can even make your cards yourself with different categories.

The pictures were found here: 

The text on the cards was found here:

Ingame Pictures:
It's a boy
It's a boy

It's a girl
It's a girl

It's a boy: http://sdrv.ms/K5fr03
It's a girl: http://sdrv.ms/LXqQU5

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

S2I downloads & requests: New FAQ: Being a student without leaving mam

When you have University you're obliged to go to that neighbourhood when you want to be a student. But this is not neccessary. Your sim can live in Pleasantview as a Young Adult AND going to college.
Very useful when your young adult has a child. 

New Challenge by Lientebollemeis: Make something of your life

There are 6 levels in this challenge. Each level has got ten tasks which you have to achieve before you may proceed to the next level.

You don't need any expansion packs to play this challenge.
You have to do what the task tells you to do.
When you have managed to achieve all goals from the challenge, you may proceed to the next challenge.
The only cheat you may use is aging off(which you are probably going to need)

Source: The Sims 1 for Playstation2

1: Mother and child

You are going to make an adult sim (m/f) and the parent of this sim with which you are going to play and you let them live in a little house.

Be best friends with your mother
Keep your mother in platinum happiness
Don't hire any help (Your mother may not cook and/or clean)
Look for a job
Make at least $1,000
Pay the bills on time
Get at least 2 cooking skillpoints
Get at least 2 mechanical skillpoints
You are not allowed to get the skillpoints from books.
You have got 4 days to achieve your goal.

2: The hard reality

Now you are going to live on your own. You have to live completely independent, so the skills you need in the household need to be relatively good. You are allowed to modify the house to your own taste.

Move away from your mother and buy a house which costs more then $20,000
You may not change your job
Get promoted to level 3
Stay best friends with your mother
Look for a neighbor who becomes your best friend
You aren't allowed to hire any help
You aren't allowed to get a bad mood
Improve your cooking skills with at least 1 point
Improve your mechanical skills with at least 2 points
You have got 4 days to achieve your goal

3: Party like an animal

Living together is not always rosy. You are not allowed to start a love-relation with your housemate.

Let a best friend move in
Make sure there are seperate bathrooms and bedrooms
You are the one who has to do the household
You are not allowed to hire any help
Make sure your housemate always has platinum happiness
Get promoted to level 5
Throw a fantastic party
Get at least 3 skillpoints for creativity
Get at least 2 skillpoints for charisma
You have got 8 days to achieve your goal

4: True love

Let your housemate move out at the end.

Get promoted to level 7
Improve your mechanical skills to at least 7 points
Improve your charisma skills to at least 4 points
Improve your creativity skills to at least 5 points
Improve your cooking skills to at least 8 points
Throw 3 fantastic parties and get two lovers
You aren't allowed to get caught by one of your lovers
You aren't allowed to hire any help
You and you housemate need to have platinum happiness all the time
You have got 7 days to achieve this goal

5: Babies

You choose one lover and you are going to live together with him/her. This means that you break up with the other lover and marry the one you choose.

Get promoted to level 9
Get 2 kids
Grow one baby to toddler and the other one to child
You may not hire any help
Your partner stays at home to take care of the children
You partner may also do the houshold
Make sure that the kid is going to a private school
Make sure your kids have fantastic birthday parties
Make sure everybody in the family stays friends with each other
You have got 10 days to achieve this goal

6: Ultimate lifegoal

Achieve your lifegoal and take care of your children

Get promoted to level 10
Save $30,000
Both of your children are going to private school (child and teen)
Throw fantastic birthday parties for your children
Make sure everybody has got platinum happiness
Get at least 8 for Charisma
Get at least 8 for Creativity
Get at least 6 for Logic
Fulfill the lifegoal your sim has
You have got 8 days to achieve this goal

The Sims 2 - The Moon in Buy Mode

This is something I had been meaning to do for a very long time, but wasn't satisfied with the end result until now. The moon is found decorative/misc and costs 0 simoleons. It even glows, thanks to some TXMT edits. Some things to keep in mind: It looks best with a straight on view, not really good looking sideways at an angle. Also, you probably want to place it at the very edge of the lot to avoid it getting in the way of other tall objects or your sim's house, of course you can just bring it closer and make sure the house or no other objects are in the way to make it larger and for better screenshots. Enjoy!

The Moon

Best Placement


Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sims 3 - WA Hair for Children

This is The Sims 3 World Adventures "Marilyn Monroe" type hair for children. The hair is available for female children only. The textures and poly counts are the same as the EA hair. The files have already been compressed with the compressorizer, so no need to re-compress. World Adventures is not required. Enjoy!

Link Fixed
January 5, 2016


The Sims 2 - More Ages for My Near Shoulder Length Hair

Here are more ages for my near-shoulder length Maxis-Match hair on leefish found here. All of the hairs are binned and familized. All of the hairs are animated except for the child hair. All of the hairs are repository linked to the base game bob to save on file size. Enjoy!




Download Here

Link Fixed
January 5, 2016