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Saturday, April 26, 2014

New hair by S2I: Colored hair for Elders Female (Base Game)

One of the things I don't like about elders is that they all have gray hair and therefore don't look young while when someone is 65, she can still have colored hair (maybe not naturally but thanks to the hairdresser).
I have searched with Google, but I couldn't find this anywhere.
So I present to you 120 colored hairdo's from the base game for elders.
These are actually 30 different hairs in the 4 different colors. Copied from the adult hair for Base Game.

With this download the elders look like elders, but with a younger touch.


As this is copied from Base Game you don't need anything. Just the base game is enough.

These are 120 new files which don't overwrite the existing grey hair. So your elders can still have gray hair too!
- They all have names that should make it clear which file is which haircut. The numbers and letters have been removed from the file.

If you like this creation, please, press the thanks button and/or leave a comment. Feedback always keeps a creator going for making more new stuff.

Can you create something for me?:
About the numbers and letters in every name, I'm trying it out if I can remove them when you have only Base Game. If it's possible I reupload the zipfile, but you don't need to download it again as it will be the same files, just a different name.
If you have more questions, please, use the comment section.

My Policy
1. Only share the link to my work. Don't upload my creations anywhere!
2. Don't modify or upload my work without permission. Just send me a PM.
3. When using my work in your pictures, please, give credit (name and link) so people know where to download it.

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the Anygamestarter
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS)

1 comment:

TheNinthWave said...

Thank you very much Lient. It always frustrated me that every elder had to have grey hair.