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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Sims 2 - Plastic Surgeon Career

Well guys I haven't shared anything for a very long time, and I think it's because I forgot how fun it can be to create. I lost internet for a very long time, but now I finally have it back. So in the meantime I started playing The Sims 2 without internet, because there's not much else to do around here with no internet, and I wrote up this career to pass the time. It was inspired by watching the series of Nip Tuck on DVD also out of boredom.

Here's the level titles and descriptions. They are numbered in game. Biology majors in university get to level 3 automatically. The career reward is a surgical dummy.

1. Office Clerk

You don't quite have the limelight of the plastic surgeon doctors, or nurses, or even secretaries. It's your job to stay in the back and file paperwork the secretary sends your way. Hey, at least without you, the entire operation would crumble! Just think of it that way. Keep your eyes toward the prize, and you'll be on your way up in the plastic surgery field in no time.

2. Secretary

You've only just begun to scratch the surface (no pun intended) of the plastic surgery field. You have quite a long way to go. However, you've moved from the back office to the front where your customer service skills will be shining bright. There will be good days, and bad. Good patients, and bad. There will be days when you just wish it would end, but that's probably true with any job.

3. CNA

You've taken the 4 week course to become a certified nurse's assistant. It's your job to sort the silicone and clean the collagen injectors. Not the most glamorous job to say the least, but at least it's work. Keep working hard, keep at it, you'll be on your way. It will take time, perseverance, and determination, but you will be on your way.

4. Intern

You're fresh out of nursing school, ready to learn as much as you can from the plastic surgeons in the office. You'll be taking notes while they perform surgery, and assisting the nurses as well. You've been in this office for quite a while, and you're privy to some secrets that could cost the reputation of the main partners in the office. Hold your tongue, or it could be your job on the line!

5. Nurse

As a nurse it's your job to help recovering plastic surgery patients with whatever they need. Your duties also include prepping patients for surgery, and helping the doctors perform surgery by passing them scalpels, and other tools. If you're sure to keep up cleaning and charisma skills you'll make it far in this line of work.

6. Head Nurse

No longer do you have toil now you are finally in a place of leadership in the office. It's your job to oversee all the other nurses, and employees below the nurses in the office. You write out schedules, do a bit more paperwork than hands on activities that you did when you were a nurse, and you've become closer to the partner surgeons in the office.

7. Plastic Surgeon

 Congratulations are in order in deed. You've finally made it to the crucial stage of the plastic surgeon career where you are actually a plastic surgeon! That's a lot of quality career standards you've had to go through! Not quite the head surgeon in the office, or even a partner, but you certainly do have some clout. Keep up the good work, and make them look pretty and begging for more liposuction and lip injections.

8. Partner Plastic Surgeon

The partner plastic surgeon has now retired, leaving you to oversee their office with the other partner in the office. You're doing serious cases now such as birth defects, victims of abuse who's faces have been disfigured, and sims who's faces were mangled in automobile accidents. Of course with the latter, most of them can't afford your care, so the insurance company pays for it all, but you are glad to help (as long as you get your money).

9. Head Plastic Surgeon

As far as the pecking order of this office you are right up there on top. You don't have to work as many hours, and get paid even more money. Everyone in the office answers to you. Life couldn't get any easier. Your office has the lowest rate of botulism in the region, and when people think "pretty" they think of you and your staff. Well done!

10. Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

You have clients such as Cher, Joan Collins, Janet Jackson, and just about anyone in Hollywood who needs a little nip or tuck. You're the most trusted, honorable surgeon in the field. That's why everyone looks to you. You should be very proud of yourself. You've made it to the top of the top of your field. It just doesn't get any better (or more lucrative) than this.


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