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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Sims 2 - Sojourning Artisan Career

This career is a Renaissance type career. It is seen from the eyes of a traveling Renaissance Man (or Woman) Someone who practiced all fields of art and science. It's written to the best of my ability in Medieval type dialog, all the 1st person pronouns are Ye, Thee, Thy, e.c.t. and a lot of eloquent words. Please forgive if it's not 100% grammatically or historically correct. Some Old English spellings of words thrown in. There are 6 chance cards written up. Sims will fly to work (sorry it was either that or have a car). There is also no uniform. This career is not base game compatible (you have to have at least Nightlife to play). I might re-clone this career as Base Game compatible if a lot of people say they want that. The easel and default replacement paintings are coming soon. Fixed the link. Enjoy!

So on to the career level descriptions:

Wandering Poet of the Fair Glenn

This be thine quest to undertake if thou will. Journey the countryside sojourning in the abodes of all that may have ye, whilst thou art traveling, thou shall take thine ponderings of the world to pen.


Thou must bring music and great joy to the villagers in the countries where thou wilt sojourn. Be nimble with the mandolin, for this task be not a diminutive one. Thou art the giver of life to the ears of ones who are less fortunate.


Thou art a nomadic artisan. Thou whilst take upon thee thine great canvass and oil sojourning on horseback, residing in inns around the fair country, canvasing the fine beauty of the Almighty to wood and papyrus.

Alchemist's Apprentice

The art of science, aye it still be an art. Thou art under the supervision of a master Alchemist. Thou must scour the countrysides of various kingdoms for 7 fortnights finding only the most matchless herbs, spices, and foliage to aide in his corpus endeavors of healing.

Traveling Thespian

For once, thou art not creating alone! Thou art traveling with a troupe of great thespians. These are those who reenact the great plays of our local renowned hero William Shakespeare. The theater is an ancient form of artwork bequeathed from generation to generation.


The beauty of the heavens, the spread of stars thrown down by the Almighty, the shining sun, the waxing moon, the planets that encircle the sun - the centere of the universe. This is the study of the skies and heavens above us which has fascinated mankind from afore fire was gifted by the gods. Thou art to study these bodies of nature above our heads, and record thine writings to pen.

Comedic Thespian

Once more, our great playwright Shakespeare has requested thine own presence in his troupe. This round, contrary to tragedy is a comedy. Thou wilt be traveling with Shakespeare himself as his very own ingénue. Thou must needs cause a riotous uproar of jovial laughter in all villages thou dost travel to.


Thou hast slogged quite diligently now! Thou hast taken so much apprenticeship from our great playwright William Shakespeare that thou hast been now able to pen thine own masterpieces for all the world of a stage to reenact.

Traveling Royal Baker

Thou art to travel the all the kingdoms of this world and prepare refreshment for the many noble folk who reside in the palaces. Some kings and queens be good, there are some that be evil. Be on thine guard, dear traveling artisan.

Poet Laureate

Thou hast been appointed by the Great monarchs the King and Queen of our own beloved England as the Poet Laureate of the entire kingdom. Thine hardships are over, thou wilt not be journeying from village to village any longer. This is what is wonted of ye. To take to pen the world as thou sees it. To open eyes long bereft of glory into the light of thine skilled pen and to see a new world full of new and exciting possibilities around every turn.

Here is an example of a chance card question:

And Here is the Custom Icon:


TheNinthWave said...

Fixed the link.

Lorene Holderfield said...

Thank you for taking the time to fix the link! This is one of my top favourite careers. Now I'm happy to use it again. :)

TheNinthWave said...

You're welcome! This was one of my favorite careers to make as well.