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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sims 3 - TSM Scholar Statue for The Sims 3

This is the scholar statue from The Sims Medieval for The Sims 3. He has 1 channel found in decorative/sculptures. This has been compressed with The Sims 3 Compressorizer. DO NOT compress the files with the compressorizer again! If you do it will cause incredible game lag. These are high poly meshes (over 2,000 each) use with care. Updated to fix the link. Enjoy!

Download Here

 Link Fixed
June 21, 2015
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ShortyBoo said...

What about the other TSM statue you converted for TS3? Will that one also cause problems if run through the Compressorizer? The reason I ask is because I always run all my downloads through the Compressorizer, then merge them into a few large .package files. Some don't get any smaller, so I'm guessing that means they've already been compressed, but I've never heard of this causing lag before. I already compressed the other statue (just the small and table sized ones) and merged them but I keep backups so I can remove them if needed, I just wanted to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I agree; I'm confused, too: why DID you Compress the statue? 2000 polys isn't so bad--shoot, there are HAIRS that should be run through the Compresssorizer, then! LMAO Anyways, thanks again, SO MUCH, for this wonderful piece as well, and for thinking to do so many resize versions!!! <3 <3 <3

TheNinthWave said...

Sorry for late response, ppl. I don't check the comments here a lot. Anyway, these statues are the only things I ever compressed. It was just because the poly count was way too high (in my eyes) and the file size to start was too high (I really like my file sizes to be low, because it's quicker uploading time). I don't like using the compressorizer much for Sims 3 (but use it all the time for 2) the reason for this is, Sims 3 compressorizer is said to give people problems, just by looking at the comments in the compressorizer thread, though jfade may have updated it since those comments were posted.

TheNinthWave said...

Updated to fix the link.

Maria Laura Calabria said...

hI... I couldn't download it... it is a invalid link..