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Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Sims 2 - Movie Theater Career

 My very first job was working at the movies, I don't know why I didn't think to make a career like this a long time ago. This career goes into all the possible jobs at a movie theater. There are no chance cards with this career. If you run into a blank chance card, just ignore it out. The career reward is the camera. This is an adult career. Below are the job titles and descriptions:

Ticket Taker

You will be collecting ticket stubs, and directing patrons where to go to find their movies. You have before you a ticket repository, and a piece of paper with all the showtimes, endtimes, and in which theater they will be showing. You must familiarize yourself with the layout of the theater so you will be able to tell patrons the proper theater to go to.

Ticket Sales

It's your job to sell tickets to patrons. You have a sheet of paper that goes into detail about the price, start time, and end time of each show. You need to learn how to use a cash register.

Concessions Worker

It's your job to serve popcorn, sodas, candy, nachos, and hot dogs to the patrons. You will be learning a new skill in this stage of your career which is how to make popcorn. Be very careful how long you leave the popcorn in the kettle, or you could burn it.

Male: Usher Female: Usherette

Your job is mainly that of security. You will also be helping people with limited mobility such as elderly people out of the theater because it's quite dark after the show, and you wouldn't want anyone falling and hurting themselves. You also make sure people are following the rules, such as no cellphones, or filming the movie.


It's your job to set up the correct film for the correct movie. You will be doing multiple theaters at the same time. You need to make sure the film is properly situated, or there could be errors with the projection. There is a lot going on in the job of a projectionist. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

Concessions Manager

It's your job to make sure your crew of concessions workers are all following proper procedure. You are the one to take all complaints and recommendations to the general manager about people working in the concessions area.

Ticket Manager

Your crew entails everyone in ticket taking, and ticket sales. It's your job to make sure your crew is following proper procedure. You will be bringing any complaints or compliments to the general manager.

Projection Manager

Your crew is everyone who works as a projectionist. A projectionist is probably the most difficult job in the entire movie theater. You need to make sure that your crew is working at peak efficiency. Any recommendations or complaints go directly to the general manager.

Assistant Manager

It's your job to take into account every report, whether it be positive or negative about every crew member or manager in the theater, and bring your findings to the general manager. You will also be working in every aspect of the movie theater yourself.

General Manager

You are now in charge of the entire theater. If anyone has a problem with anything whatsoever they come directly to you. You will be moving around the entire theater supervising, and making sure everyone is giving it their best. You will also be working every job in the theater depending on how busy it is.

I couldn't think of way to properly illustrate an in game picture, so I have here the career icon (enlarged)

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