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Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Sims 2 - Hats Off 2! BG Beret As Accessory

This is the base game beret hair taken off the hair and made into accessory. It includes all of the Maxis colours. It is not multi-layerable (you can't wear it with glasses or other accessories). It's only wearable by young adult to elder women. I brought the mesh up some, so it could be worn with hair. As it was, it could only be worn with the long dreadlocks from the base game hairstyle, now you can wear this hat with any hairstyle, Maxis or custom (though it looks best with big hairs). Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Love it! If only there were military officer hats for women too like the ones in Strangerville. TS2 lacks military hats for women.

Gabe said...

It's a nice hat: an Ivy League cap, a flat cap, a golf cap, a newsboy cap, a cabbie cap. Too bad it's not available for male sims, as through the long history of this hat, from the 1890s onwards, it's been overwhelmingly more a male fashion than a female one; it's really only been a thing amongst women since perhaps the 1960s. Twenty years ago, when the SIms first appeared, these caps were enjoying a popularity surge in women's fashion, but that does nothing to explain why nobody, outside of some specialized VIctorian sets, has thought to produce this kind of hat for the male Sim. It's a bit baffling. Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire, The Sting, O Brother, Samuel L Jackson (although he wears his the wrong way around because it says Kangol on the back), AC/DC, the guy playing the sax in the Chicago subway, practically every professional golfer over the age of forty, and also nearly every thoroughbred horse trainer, and most of the owners as well... you see what I mean. Widespread amongst males the planet over. But not for the Sims. For some reason.

It's also NOT a beret. If it has seams, where it's been sewn together from flat pieces of cloth (and this one clearly has seams) then it's not a beret. Berets are tightly knitted - oversized but in their finished form - then dyed, and then felted: massaged in very hot water to shrink the wool fibers of the yarn until the weave contracts into a solid piece of cloth. At this point, they're plunged into cold water to stop the shrinkage, and then dried on a form so that they end up the proper shape. The little acorn stem on the top is a product of the weaving process; Scottish bonnets (as seen in Outlander, although those ones weren't made very well) were made the same way, knitted and felted. There's no sewing involved at all, unless you're going to add a leather sweatband on the inside. Here's an interesting link on berets. https://southpacificberets.com/how-berets-are-made.php

TheNinthWave said...

Thanks for the information. You learn something new everyday.