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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Sims 3 - *Updated* Medieval Gallows Mesh with Hung Pose

Included is a decorative Medieval Gallows mesh found in decor/misc decor and decor/sculptures, and a pose for the gallows. The gallows have 2 channels. To get your sim in the gallows properly, you will have to use moveobjects on and get your sim centered in the middle of the gallows bottom, then use the pose box by cmomoney on modthesims found here. and enter pose name a_TNW_Pose_6 exactly as it appears here and in the package file name. Thanks so much to alkaizen at turbosquid.com for the mesh, turbosquid's policy is standard royalty free, meaning you can do whatever you like with their meshes with or without credit as long as it stays free. Enjoy!


I've updated the pose to make the feet, hands, and shoulders appear more realistic. Also changed the package filename to the name of the pose a_TNW_Pose_6

Update 2:

Wasn't 100% satisfied with the look of the shoulders in update 1

Okay folks, fixed the link finally this time! I know what I did wrong, I was updating the link for the gallows and not everything when the whole lot gallows and pose were on the 4shared site (so sorry).

Day Shots:

Download Here

Link Fixed
December 30, 2017

I think this is the right file, unfortunately I have no way of checking or testing it 
and was unable to find images, sorry.


Jill The Ripper said...

Feet look great now! Thanks for updating. I also love the hand details. Shows the shock of the fall.

Awesome stuff!

Jamee Snuffer said...

I was wanting something like this for my medieval series. Thanks so much for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love this idea, and I wanted to use it in my medieval story. I have the pose, but the gallows isn't included in the file.

Springfairy556 said...

It doesn't work anymore.

TheNinthWave said...

The gallows are included now, sorry about that.

Springfairy556 said...

I can't get the pose to work anymore.:(

Springfairy556 said...

I like this.But I hate that I have to have an account to download it.:/

TheNinthWave said...

Okay the link is truly fixed now, so sorry everyone!

The Luke Kage Experience said...

Link dead :((

Springfairy556 said...

The link is still broken.