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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Sims 2 - Seasons Match Dresser (Seasons Required)

This is a match to the Seasons bedroom set. The dresser is one tile, based off the Seasons end table. The dresser is repository linked to the Seasons end table, the drawer is repository linked to the Seasons two tile dresser. Seasons is required because they are repository linked from Seasons items. There is one slot on top for placing whatever you like that fits on dressers normally. It's not recolorable, you will have to recolor both the Seasons two tile short dresser and the Seasons end table for recolors to show up in this. Any recolors of the Seasons two tile short dresser or Seasons end table you have in your downloads folder will show up in this as well. Enjoy!


Repository Linked With Slot

Download Here

Link Fixed
September 7, 2015


Anonymous said...

I downloaded this seasons match dresser, but in my game it shows up with a neon blue square under it (you know the blue you get when you don't have the EP or SP). I have all EPs, but none of the SPs. I would love to have the dresser in game, but cannot at this point. :(

TheNinthWave said...

I have heard of the whole thing being neon blue but not a square. For me if you don't have the EP or SP you need it has black and white writing with red lines all over it. Blue neon would mean you don't have the mesh. I'm really stumped on why it would be doing that for you. I'd ask someone with more experience, sorry I couldn't help.

dharden@MTS said...

I also see the flashing blue square. In the Parts tab of the SHPE, the "shadow" fields are linked to dressertallmalm_shadows_alpha . I assume that's from IKEA Stuff, which I don't have -- which would explain the flashing blue square.

Michelle said...

@dharden@MTS: Jon is not around to fix this problem, I took a look at it, you are right the shadow is slaved to the MALM Dresser, the best I can do is remove the shadow completely or slave the shadow to a base game end table.

Natalie Tyler said...

Hi Michelle, I know it's been a while but has this been changed or fixed yet?

Michelle B said...

@Natalie Tyler - Sorry hun, I should have mentioned that I tried but was unable to fix the problem.
I would recommend you check out the Crustikus Maxis add ons by Honeywell, over at Mod The Sims, she has 3 seasons one tile dressers.