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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Challenge by Lientebollemeis: Make something of your life

There are 6 levels in this challenge. Each level has got ten tasks which you have to achieve before you may proceed to the next level.

You don't need any expansion packs to play this challenge.
You have to do what the task tells you to do.
When you have managed to achieve all goals from the challenge, you may proceed to the next challenge.
The only cheat you may use is aging off(which you are probably going to need)

Source: The Sims 1 for Playstation2

1: Mother and child

You are going to make an adult sim (m/f) and the parent of this sim with which you are going to play and you let them live in a little house.

Be best friends with your mother
Keep your mother in platinum happiness
Don't hire any help (Your mother may not cook and/or clean)
Look for a job
Make at least $1,000
Pay the bills on time
Get at least 2 cooking skillpoints
Get at least 2 mechanical skillpoints
You are not allowed to get the skillpoints from books.
You have got 4 days to achieve your goal.

2: The hard reality

Now you are going to live on your own. You have to live completely independent, so the skills you need in the household need to be relatively good. You are allowed to modify the house to your own taste.

Move away from your mother and buy a house which costs more then $20,000
You may not change your job
Get promoted to level 3
Stay best friends with your mother
Look for a neighbor who becomes your best friend
You aren't allowed to hire any help
You aren't allowed to get a bad mood
Improve your cooking skills with at least 1 point
Improve your mechanical skills with at least 2 points
You have got 4 days to achieve your goal

3: Party like an animal

Living together is not always rosy. You are not allowed to start a love-relation with your housemate.

Let a best friend move in
Make sure there are seperate bathrooms and bedrooms
You are the one who has to do the household
You are not allowed to hire any help
Make sure your housemate always has platinum happiness
Get promoted to level 5
Throw a fantastic party
Get at least 3 skillpoints for creativity
Get at least 2 skillpoints for charisma
You have got 8 days to achieve your goal

4: True love

Let your housemate move out at the end.

Get promoted to level 7
Improve your mechanical skills to at least 7 points
Improve your charisma skills to at least 4 points
Improve your creativity skills to at least 5 points
Improve your cooking skills to at least 8 points
Throw 3 fantastic parties and get two lovers
You aren't allowed to get caught by one of your lovers
You aren't allowed to hire any help
You and you housemate need to have platinum happiness all the time
You have got 7 days to achieve this goal

5: Babies

You choose one lover and you are going to live together with him/her. This means that you break up with the other lover and marry the one you choose.

Get promoted to level 9
Get 2 kids
Grow one baby to toddler and the other one to child
You may not hire any help
Your partner stays at home to take care of the children
You partner may also do the houshold
Make sure that the kid is going to a private school
Make sure your kids have fantastic birthday parties
Make sure everybody in the family stays friends with each other
You have got 10 days to achieve this goal

6: Ultimate lifegoal

Achieve your lifegoal and take care of your children

Get promoted to level 10
Save $30,000
Both of your children are going to private school (child and teen)
Throw fantastic birthday parties for your children
Make sure everybody has got platinum happiness
Get at least 8 for Charisma
Get at least 8 for Creativity
Get at least 6 for Logic
Fulfill the lifegoal your sim has
You have got 8 days to achieve this goal

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